On September 21, 2012, the brothers of the Beta Kappa Chapter hosted a program that had an immense impact on the youth of Tuskegee. Brother Speak to Me, a program which Bro. Terry Bradden, Jr. spearheaded in his hometown of Riviera Beach, Florida, and branched to Tuskegee, was an amazing success and the beginning of a legacy for the youth across the country to look forward to. The event was a shining example of one of Phi Beta Sigma’s national programs, Education, and the epitome of our noble motto “Culture for Service, Service for Humanity”.

The event was held at Logan Hall, and Bro. Bradden, Jr. presented his message of success through education to over 700 students from the various elementary, middle, and high schools around town. The event is designed to educate, empower, and instill in the black youth of America a sense of motivation and pride in getting a quality education.

The wide array of notable guest speakers touched on several different aspects such as time management, continuing your education, and making positive life choices. The chapter chose speakers ranging from university and state officials, to influential members of the Tuskegee University’s student body chosen to give the message of the importance and value of education.

Other Greek letter organizations were invited to entertain the children by strolling and stepping alongside the Sigmas, and with the assistance of the school cafeteria workers, the chapter was able to feed the students before the program. The event was very successful and the chapter plans on continuing and broadening this program for years to come.

Brother Terry Bradden Jr. speaking to a young man at “Brother Speak To Me”

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