Ms. Kendra Kelly, 2013 Miss International Phi Beta Sigma

On Thursday,  July 11th, Miss Kendra Kelly, previous winner of Miss Phi Beta Sigma, Pi Alpha Chapter (Georgia State University) and Miss Phi Beta Sigma, Southern Region, was crowned 2013-2014 Miss International Phi Beta Sigma at the 99th Anniversary Phi Beta Sigma Conclave, held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Kendra Kelly is a native of King of Prussia, which is part of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. She is a recent graduate of Georgia State University, graduating Magna Cum Laude from the Honors College with degrees in Political Science and Journalism. For the pageant, Kendra performed  the Italian aria “Se Tu M’ami” a cappella., and also chose a white evening gown.

Kendra was overjoyed, yet humbled to have been crowned 2013-2014 Miss International Phi Beta Sigma, and to have achieved this milestone so close to home, in front of family and friends, as well as supportive brothers of the Pi Alpha Chapter.

Bro. Lyric D. Cosby

The brothers of the southern region are proud of Kendra for having brought this great honor to us, and would like to thank her, the brothers of the Pi Alpha Chapter, all of her sponsors, as well as our regional secretary, Bro. Lyric D. Cosby, who was instrumental in the execution of both the Southern Regional and International Miss Phi Beta Sigma pageants.

Congratulations Kendra on this great achievement.

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