September 3, 2013


Brothers of the Southern Region,


It has been a privilege and a pleasure serving you as your Regional Director. I have been blessed with a remarkable board and have been working tirelessly to make your experience the best possible. I know that in the quest to serve you, it may have possibly caused a strain on the board personally at times, however they continue to persevere for our cause to speed on its way. With that being said, one of our own, Bro. Tweail Moten, has made the decision to step down for personal reasons.

Bro. Moten has served this region as the Director of Collegiate Affairs for the past 3-1/2 years and has been to every state in the region at a beckoning call to train chapter advisors and collegiate brothers collectively to prepare them to progress the Southern Region now into the future.  Yet, Bro. Moten has watched the stress and tension that it has put on his family, and decided to step down now to take care of his family. I would like to give a standing ovation and heartfelt gratitude for the leadership that he has exhibited in the role of Director of Collegiate Affairs.

In the interim, I have decided to appoint Dr. Eric Cook as Director of Collegiate Affairs. Dr. Cook has served as Immediate Past Director of Collegiate Affairs, and is currently the State Director of the State of Mississippi, as well as the reigning International Collegiate Advisor of the Year.

Brothers, please assist me in thanking both Bros. Moten and Cook for their lifelong dedication not only the Southern Region, but to the Fraternity that we all love: Phi Beta Sigma!!!


Fraternally Yours,


Marcus A. Chanay

Southern Regional Director

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