Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma:

Through the International Website, you can now file your federal, state and multi-state income taxes at no cost.

The Bigger and Better Business program of Phi Beta Sigma is pleased to announce a new partnership with–this partnership satisfies the FSA arm of the IRS VITA program. As part of the program, MyFreeTaxes provided the fraternity with a unique url, which allows any individual making $58,000 or less to file their taxes at no cost. Moreover, Phi Beta Sigma will receive credit for fulfilling its VITA program requirement.

To file, simply go to

If you have any questions during the filing process you may call MyFreeTaxes’ help line (1-800-MY-TX-HELP). VITA volunteers are on call to assist you at any time.
Attached you will find a checklist of items needed to file your taxes. Please use this guide during the process. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the MyFreeTaxes program, please contact Bro. Quentin Goodwin, International Director of Bigger and Better Business, at

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