From Dr. Ivory Lyles, International Director of Social Action

The Living Well Men’s Health initiative came about as a Social Action Program of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. because of the health disparities in men of color.

As International Director of Social Action for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.  I need my brothers, and all men especially men of color, to take their health care serious.I understand that for men of color Health is not one of the first topics of conservation among us Brothers. For me two important questions come to mind?

   1.  Brothers when was your most recent doctor’s visit?

   2.   Is their help for living a healthier lifestyle?

For many Americans the reason that they have not seen a doctor in the last twelve months is from the lack of health care.  Now with the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care).  You can eliminate that problem if you sign up by March 31, 2014enrollment deadline and most will qualify for discounts.  I strongly suggest all Brothers or men who do not have health insurance review their options

We all want the people in our lives to stay healthy and there here is help for living a healthier life style at Phibetasigma1914.Org.  Once you are there look at the Phi Beta Sigma initiative for ‘Living Well Brother – To – Brother’ or you may visit Brother2Brother hosted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services byclick here.

We all want to be around for our love ones.  The time to act is now!  Start living a healthier lifestyle! Get insurance! And if you do have coverage go see your doctor!

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